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Bud's Story

Bud was a stray pup that was living on a Native Reserve in a very remote area of Manitoba.  He started to show up at a young woman's house so she started feeding him around the beginning of September 2014. Bud really warmed up to her and she wanted to keep the pup but was told by the Band that she couldn't.  She contacted the local German Shepherd Rescue and they didn't want him.  She reached out on Facebook and I stepped up and said I'd bring him to the island through my rescue.  
This young lad needed out asap.  The Band does an annual cull upon the first hard snow and any dog that is seen roaming gets shot.  The weather was also starting to turn cold which didn't help either.  There are 100's of stray dogs on this reserve and lots of pack fighting.  Bud had several wounds and gashes on his neck from pack fighting.  This boy was likely just under a year old when all this was transpiring.
When the day finally arrived and Bud was leashed, he began his journey into freedom and a better life.  That day was October 8, 2014.  We managed to secure a ride to pick Bud up and he got fostered for one night and then he was taken by an ambulance to the small airport.  At the time, the ambulance was the only way he could get there!  It was very windy and most flights were cancelled.  Bud was dropped off at the airport in a crate and that's where he stayed until we could get him out.  I kept in contact with the airport all day to see if they were able to fly.  The wind eventually slowed down enough and Bud was on the only remaining flight for the day. He flew to Winnipeg and was several hours late due to the cancelled flights.  He was met by his next foster momma who waited patiently for an extra few hours for his flight to arrive.
During his time with is foster momma, Bud was fully vetted and his wounds were taken care of.  He had the works... worming, de-fleaing, vaccines and heart worm check, neutering, mange medications.  All of his wounds were shaved so that the medicated cream could easily be applied. He had to be bathed every two days with special shampoo and each time he got bathed, more and more of his fur fell out from the mange medication.  He was almost bald when he got to Victoria.   Cost for vetting to this point is $950.00.
After several months with me in rehab, Bud was adopted by my neighbour.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to give him up so I was very thankful that Charlie n Joan adopted him.  Sadly, after a few years both Joan and Charlie passed away.  Bud came back to live with me and this is where he will stay.  I share Bud with a wonderful couple down the street from me.  They have always loved Bud and wanted to stay in his life.  We decided to 'share' him.  I am still Bud's legal owner and I am responsible for his vetting and food costs.  The other home  he spends  time at have voluntarily paid for half of his food and some of the his minor vet bills.   It's a perfect arrangement and Bud is happy at both places.