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how we help other rescues


When we have no more capacity to take in another dog, Guide Us Home will pledge toward other dogs to attract local rescue to pull the dogs.  Since 2014 we have helped 100's of other dogs get into freedom.  Their data has been lost and only three dogs that we helped are listed.

ronan in shelter


I was contacted by  'Suzanne' to see if I could help her get this boy out of the shelter.  Nobody was helping her even though she wanted to get him into freedom and safe from being killed.  I went to work and was able to get this handsome boy out of the shelter for her.

ronan freedom


This boy is living large on a beautiful piece of property with lakefront.  He also has a pack to  call his own of various sizes and breeds of dogs.  He's a good boy and very loved.

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ronan recovered


Ronan is a happy boy and he's also a daddy's boy!   He has a great life living in a pack on beautiful property with wonderful people.

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Soda Pop's living conditions


Guide Us Home helped financially support Soda Pop in 2014 with a cash donation.  He was bolted to a dog house on what looked like a 6-8' chain, the area around her house was flooded so he couldn't leave his house during rainy weather, he had no food or water bowls and drank from the dirty water around the dog house. 

soda pop on rescue day


Soda Pop had barely any fur left on his body when he went into rescue.  He still has a few skin issues flare up at time but it's managed with medication.

soda pop recovered


This is Soda Pop after he had recovered.  



So many of us networked to get Ben and his sister out of a very bad situation.  He was intended to be a fighting dog but he just didn't have the personality for it.  It took a long time but collectively we were successful.  My rescue supported Ben by pledging money for his safe release.



This boy endured so much in his very short life.  I believe he was only about 10 months old.  He was eventually surrendered and a rescue got him and he went into foster.  After about 2 years of fostering, the foster momma adopted Ben.

Ben Recovered


This is Ben today.  He has followers from around the world that send him bandanas and stuffies.