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Charlie (Nov 2018)


Charlie has been dealt a bad hand and endured years of horrible neglect.  In 2015 he was picked up as a stray and his owners were found and they came and took him home.  Three years later, Charlie was dumped in a high kill shelter in deplorable condition.  When I saw Charlie, I knew he wasn’t getting out of the shelter alive so I got him out and he was taken to the vet hospital where he spent a month undergoing extensive testing.  Charlie has tested positive for extremely low thyroid and dry eye in both eyes.  Both are treatable and he will be on meds for life for these two conditions.  He lost all of his fur due to to the low thyroid condition and it is expected the most of the fur will return within a year.  This poor lad also has very damaged, weathered, leathery, wrinkled skin which is likely due to excessive exposure.    Unfortunately with all of his skin infections we can't treat topically because the meds won't penetrate his skin.

Raina - (Aug 2018)


Raina was dumped at the LA Animal Services high kill shelter.  The reason she was dumped is because she kept bumping into things.

 Raina is 8 years old, doesn't mind dogs, is super sweet and she's blind.  Yes....she's blind.  That didn't scare me off from saving this girl because I've been around blind dogs before and they don't miss a beat.  These dogs are very resilient and can adapt if given proper introductions into new spaces. 

Jake - (Aug 2018)


Jake was picked up as a stray in mid July and taken to the Carson Animal Shelter.  Nobody came to the shelter to claim him so he went up for adoption.  He passed his temp test with flying colours.  It was said that he was quite stressed when he was picked up.  While in the shelter, he developed what looks like pneumonia.  He got moved out of the general building and was pretty much hidden from the public.  There is no way he was making it out of this place alive.   

When he was well enough to travel I had him brought to Blain where I picked him up.  His personality was pure gold.  He was adopted by a woman that has a large sheep farm.  She loved him so much and loved that he was so calm around the sheep and small animals.  Sadly, Jake only lived a few more months but what a ride it was for him.  He had a great 6 months and didn't die in the shelter. RIP Jake.

Ace (Jan 2018)


Ace is a sad case of neglect.  He was picked up as a stray and spent 6 weeks in the San Bernadino high kill shelter before I saw his post and started to network to get him out.  Rumor has it that his name was Jake and he was used as a car lot dog.  Kennelled by day and set free in the evenings to patrol and guard the car lot.  He was picked up a a stray, had no tags or microchip  and that rumour can't be confirmed.

This guy was thought to be around 7 or 8 and the vet feels he's older.  He's gentle and kind with humans and isn't a fan of being around other dogs.

Update:  Feb 2018 - Ace was neutered in California and I waited a week until I had him transported.  He stayed with me for 4 days and then went into a foster home.  He ended up bleeding out and his sack filled up with blood and fluid so he underwent surgery to correct that.  During surgery the Vet noticed he had 7 broken teeth with the pulp exposed.  He had the 4 lower front teeth, a back molar and two top teeth removed.  That was on a Friday.  By Sunday he was full of blood again so he went back into surgery on the Tuesday.  His blood didn't clot quite as fast as it should so the vet had to do some major surgery on him to prevent him from bleeding out again.  This boy is now over 4 thousand dollars for his medical bills.  He remains sweet and polite and will let you do what you want to him.  

Update:  Mar 4, 2018 - Ace is healing nicely from his surgeries and has not bled out this time although he's now developed a nasty case of yeast infection in his ear and feet to which he's being treated for.  He somehow blew some stitches in his mouth and the vet fixed them when he had his third surgery.  He's becoming more playful and not so stressed out.

Update:  Apr 19/18 - Ace has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  One side of his lung is cancerous and he's developed secondary tumours on his feet.  

Update:  Aug 4/18 - Ace has been on prednisone for a few months now and it has slowed down the cancer and the tumors on his feet have healed up.  He's feeling good and looks amazing.

Update:  July 8/19 - Ace continues to do well on the prednisone.  He's living the life next door with Chris and Judy.  It's great for me because I get to see him every single day.

Sunny (Sept 2017)


Sunny is roughly a 10 year old German Shepherd Dog that was picked up as a stray and taken to a high kill shelter.

It was believed by the shelter that Sunny lost all of her teeth but once I got her, I figured out right away that she didn't lose her teeth, they were ground down to the gum line from chewing on rocks.  This girl must have been so bored where she was that she took to entertaining herself with rocks.  

Sunny has been adopted by a wonderful retired couple that was looking for a companion dog.  When they saw her ad they knew she was the one.    After about a year, Sunny's body began to break down very  rapidly.  The vet said there was  no cure or medicine that would help Sunny so we made the choice to have her put to rest.  RIP Sunny.

Ryder (Sept 2017)


Ryder is a 10 month old German Shepherd Dog.  (DNA test confirms GSD and Coon Hound)  He was picked up as a stray and was taken to the high kill San Bernadino shelter.  He's clearly been abused in his life and he is so scared and petrified in the shelter system that he has completely shut down.  His brain shut down and he could no longer get himself up to standing position or to walk.  He needed to be picked up and taken outside.  He hides his face in the corner so he can't see anybody. 

Update:  Ryder was adopted by a family not too far from my house.  He now lives with 4 children and mom and dad.  He has settled into family life and have 6 people that love him.

Update:  Aug 18/18 - Ryder has grown up to be a very lovely young man.  He's handsome as all get-out and he's very playful.  He has such a loving family and dog friends.

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Bear (Jul 2017)


Bear is a 10 year old bi-coloured German Shepherd Dog that was dumped at San Bernadino shelter when his owner of 10 years passed away.  The daughter did not want Bear so he was basically sentenced to death at the shelter.  He was infested with fleas and has dermatitis.  Once I got Bear, I got him into treatments right away and his skin condition cleared right up.  He has such a sweet disposition and is a very calm boy.

Update:  Bear was adopted in my local town and his family love him.

Roxy (Jun 2017)


Roxy is an 8 year old purebred German Shepherd Dog that had been living with children and 2 other dogs.  For some reason the owners took her to Baldwin, a very high kill shelter.  The other two dogs got to stay at home.  Roxy has been described as a very sweet dog that is a little timid but warms up very quickly.  She has primarily been around women so she is a bit apprehensive of men at first but within no time, she's nudging your hand for a pat.  Roxy had absolutely no rescue interest in her at all which is sad because she is such a great family dog with little to no rehab work to do.  Basically a 'dream' dog!  She's quite hefty and is packing 30 pounds more than she should be.  Besides that and very long nails that need to be dealt with, she's a gem. She will be looking for a home that her new owners want to keep her until the end.

Update:  Sept 2017 - Roxy has been adopted and is now back being a part of a family with young children.  This girl LOVES young kids and has 100% patience and tolerance.  She hit the jackpot.

Update:  Feb 2018 - I continue to get updates on Rusky (Thai for You Are Loved).  She has dropped all of the weight and her long curled nails are totally under  control. She hikes, swims, trots along, chases bunnies and above all, loves to be with the kids.

Boomer (2016)


Boomer is approximately 4 years old.  Neighbours complained for days of a crying dog and when the authorities investigated, they found Boomer stuffed into a very small  crate with no food or water and was shoved off to the corner of the yard.  He'd been in there for  days.  The owners surrendered Boomer to the authorities.  Upon intake, the staff said he was visibly very scared and had a tucked tail.  On day two, Boomer was in the exercise area and a staff member went to grab his leg (why???) and Boomer turned around and tried to nip him.  He was then placed on 'rescue only' and was no longer available to the public to adopt.  He sat in that jail for 2.5 months with virtually no exercise and the only human contact was at feeding time.  He wasn't allowed out if people or dogs were around.  He didn't seem to mind if dogs/people walked by his kennel and was more excited to see them than anything else.  

I had been working with Boomer for several months and it was deemed by the vets that he basically had bad wiring in his brain..  He severely injured a person and the decision was made to lay him to rest.  RIP Boomer.

Maximus (Jul 2016)


This guy was lovingly cared for and raised with kids and a terrier.  The owners moved and the new landlord said no GSD.  They took Max to their vet to have euthanized because they didn't want him in the high kill shelter system.  The vet refused to kill him as he's cared for Max for the past 4 years so he took Max off their hands.  Max lived in a kennel facility at the vet's office for a month before a California friend of mine in rescue pleaded with me to take him and fly him when I flew Nena.  The rescue org she was helping covered all the flight costs for Maximus.  He's a very tall, thin boy and has a personality of gold.  He's so gentle and sweet.  

Nena (Jul 2016)


This ole girl was adopted from the Baldwin shelter in California when she was 2.  Her owners cared for her for 9 years and then dumped her back at the Baldwin shelter when she was 11.  Senior dogs that are surrendered have virtually no chance of getting out of the shelter and they are the first to be euthanized.  I managed to save her before they had a chance to kill her.  She never deserved an ending of death after being a loyal companion for 9 years.  Nena was likely a back yard dog as her social skills aren't that of an inside lap dog.  I know that once she experiences what it's like to live in a home and be included into a family, she will love it.  

Update:  August 2016 - Nena, now known as Nanna was adopted by a wonderful lady that lives a few miles from me.  Nanna is her first dog and it couldn't be a more perfect fit.  Nanna hit the jackpot when Alison adopted her.  She is completely spoiled rotten and lives the life of a queen.  She's stone deaf and knows no commands but she's such a lovely dog that it doesn't mater.  Nanna's story was even was featured in book.

Update:  2019 - Nanna's body had completely broken down and shut  down. Her momma took her to the vet to see if there was anything further they could do to help her and there wasn't.  She lived to be about 13 years old.  The decision was made to lay her to rest to end her suffering.  RIP Nanna.

Jojo (2015)


This stunner is approximately 4 years old and arrived from Riverside, California on Jan 31, 2016. He was picked up as a stray with his brother and neither dog was claimed by their owner.  His brother was adopted and there Jojo sat in the high kill shelter waiting for someone to come take him home.  He was placed on the euth list and for a few days we tirelessly networked trying to get this guy out.  Each morning we were afraid to see if his picture was still listed as being available.  I already had an adopter for him and it was a matter of getting all the pieces together to get him pulled, transported, boarded, neutered/vetted and wait the next bus out of California headed to Blaine, Washington.  Jojo didn't have much in the way of learned commands but he's super smart and very, very gentle.  He appears to have been an outside dog as he wasn't too comfortable at first being in  the house.  He warmed up though!

Update:  Feb 2017 - Jojo remains a very calm and gentle dog.  He is doing very well in his new home with his new human and dog family.

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Noble (Mar 2015)


Noble is approx 3 years old , GSD and floppy eared.  He is now safe from 3 weeks of being in the high kill shelter, being scared and terrified of the third dog that was put in his kennel to share with him.  On the last day of his stay in the shelter, the other dog took a shot at him and did a bit of damage to his muzzle and possibly the inside of his mouth.  He's a gentle soul that just wants to be loved.  He is a sweetie, non aggressive and gets along with non aggressive dogs.  We don't know about cats yet.

Update:  2016 - Nobel was adopted by a woman that has a nice pack of her own.  She did lots of work with Noble and fell in love with him. 

Beau (Feb 2015)


This gentle giant is a 2 year old bi-cloured GSD.  I swear, he's the size of a shetland pony!  I had an adopter for him on the island and desperately tried to keep him from being killed.  

Update:  Beau is in a beautiful family and is enjoying being an inside dog that is part of a family.  He is thriving and doing extremely well!!  He's well mannered, calm and loves everyone from babies to 90 year olds!!  He's been an off leash dog right from the start.  He's not a wanderer and likes to stay by his humans.  

Hanzi (Jan 2015)


Hanzi was a 2.5 year old black GSD that was dumped in a very high kill shelter in Garland Texas.  He had endured physical abuse with his previous owners and it was unlikely that he had any training or was allowed in the house.  He didn't appear to have been exposed to much of the world as he was scared of everything.  When he was dumped, he was petrified and his only defence was to bark loudly to make the scary people go away.  The staff in the shelter wanted to euth him so bad and after several failed rescues going in to get him, I offered to take him.  

He was fostered in Dallas for 5 months while his foster momma worked hard at getting him ready to be transported.  He couldn't crate and he was petrified of men so that eliminated all modes of transport.  We had to put him on prozac, trazadone and gabapentin to curb his anxiety about travelling.  His foster momma drove him from Dallas to Vancouver Island all by herself.

He's been on the island since June 2015 and I'm happy to report that as of Feb 5, 2016, he is now weaned off all of his meds and is responding beautifully. 

I am also over the moon with excitement to report that his foster momma is going to be a foster failure (winner) and is taking him back to be her dog and live out his life with her and her husband. Now I'm planning a trip to take the dog back to them only he's fine to crate and fly now!

Update:  June 2016 - I flew Hanzi to Santa Fe, New Mexico and stayed with him while I re-orientated him to his new momma.

Update:  June 2017 - I flew tp Santa Fe, NM to babysit Hanzi for about 10 days.  He's doing amazing and Eileen and Jack are the best doggy parents for him.  They love him so much and have given him the best life I could ever have hoped for.

Update: Dec 2018 Hanzi developed terminal lymphoma and was laid to rest shortly after his diagnosis.  He went downhill very quickly.  He was only 5 years old.  RIP were one of my favourite pulls.

Bud (I always called him Little Man) (Oct 2104)


Bud's rescue was epic and the one I will always be the most proud of.  I had an amazing team of people helping me get this dog off a very remote reserve in Norway House, Manitoba.  It was a 3-4 week long nail biter. I'm confident that none of us slept during that time.  A lot of Bud's story is on the 'Bud's Story' tab.

Update:  Feb 2017 - Bud's papa suddenly passed away and Bud came back into my rescue.  He will remain my dog now as I can't imagine my life without him.  He is being 'shared' with folks he knows down the street because they love him so much.

Buddy 2014


Buddy was owned by two older handicapped people that lived in a trailer and were not mobile.   When he was 5 years old they took him to the SPCA in the hopes to have him re-homed. Nobody even looked at him because he was at least 50 pounds over weight. This picture doesn't show the massive body that he was trying to get around on.  He had no training or exercise but he had a sweet personality.  We took him in and got him on a diet of high end food and an exercise program.  In the beginning, he would walk 50' and had sit to rest.  This is how bad his condition was.  Between the work we did with him and his adoptive momma's work, he shed well over 40 lbs and was walking medium rated hiking trails.  Sadly, Buddy crossed the bridge 2 years after we got to work with him.   The saving grace is that he resumed being a normal dog that could run, play and climb mountains.  RIP Bud…

Little Bear​ 1991


This big fellow was dumped.  No history on him.  Sweet and very funny.   We can't imagine why anyone would dump him.

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Angel​ 1995


This mush ball of a rottie was used for 5 years in a puppy mill as a breeding dog.   She had just finished weaning her last pups and the owners were finished with her so she got dumped.  She was still lactating very thin and malnourished.  She had endured endless beatings over her short 5 year life span and it showed when she was finally rescued.  Happy to report that a year of training turned Angel into an amazing lap dog that gave everyone bum wiggles and rottie kisses.

After 4 years and when Angel was 9, she developed bone cancer.  She was not a candidate to remove her arm/shoulder so chemo was tried without success.  This sweet girl was laid to rest 3 months after diagnosis when meds could no longer keep her comfortable.  RIP Angel-Face

Roxy 1989


This amazing German Shepherd dog was abandoned by her owners and left to survive on her own.  She was eventually trapped in a large live trap that was baited with a big juicy bone.  She was starving and seriously underweight.  She had a choke collar on that was obviously too small so the owner rigged it with a coat hanger to extend the length.  When she was caught, they had to use a metal cutter to cut the chain off because the coat hanger had dug into her neck and she had a large gash on her throat.  This girl became the best dog I've ever had the pleasure of owning.  Her brilliance was amazing.  She loved all animals and all people.  One of her best buddies was a white muscovy duck named 'momma duck'.  These two would quite often be seen together sleeping in the dog house together.  RIP my Roxy girl.